Toronto winter is for babies

Winter finally came to Toronto this week, with snow falling — and promptly melting — on Saturday and Sunday. But lest the urbane people of Canada’s largest city forget how easy they have it compared to the hardscrabble peoples of outer Canada (the rest of the country), lest they even for one second mistake their light, pleasant winter wonderland for the shadowy thunderdome that is prairie winter, let us now check in on two of the prairies’ largest cities.

‘Body language expert’ offers ‘insight’ on Rob Ford, it is ‘terrible’

On Friday, Canada’s newspaper of record published a video of reporter Hannah Sung interviewing Diane Craig, a body language expert and “executive trainer with Corporate Class Inc,” to discuss how Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s body language conveys what is going on in his personal and professional life right now. It was an illuminating discussion that somehow managed to fall short even of the low, low bar set by the description “interview with a body language expert.”

CBC's propaganda for Harper

Canadaland host Jesse Brown has a new video out exploring a quid-pro-quo agreement between the federal government and the CBC, in which the public broadcaster went all out to cover a salvage operation in the arctic that just so happened to be a pet project of Stephen Harper’s. The price tag to get Peter Mansbridge up north: $65,000

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